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Design Consultancy

Formulating great designs is the outcome of balancing intent with imagination, and that’s what we do here at Manisha Electricals & Engineers Pvt. Ltd. (MEEPL). We house a highly dedicated creative unit that works to provide end-to-end design requirements for any business type and size by leveraging our engineering expertise to establish a safe building environment. We are design consultants that believe in reinventing tomorrow and hence, always raise the bar in everything we do. While taking up a project, we pay very close attention to every single detail and formulate extraordinary design ideas that have a positive impact on the world at large. We understand that each and every business is unique and so are their requirements. Therefore, we specialize in providing bespoke M.E.P design consultancy services to clients that perfectly fit their needs and requirements. At MEEPL, all our M.E.P design solutions are tailored to work and be functional, rather than be fancy set pieces that don’t contribute to your overall business growth. When you hire Manisha Electricals & Engineers Pvt. Ltd. (MEEPL), we take the time to discuss and understand your project goals. We listen proactively, ask questions, and then move on to strategizing your entire project within your set forth budget and time.

Our highly skilled creative team at MEEPL holds hands-on experience in managing small projects to complex and intricate design requirements while paying equal attention to detail and quality. Our team works closely with architects and clients throughout the entire process, from pre-design right up to post-construction. As industry-leading design consultants, we diligently work towards consulting and shortlisting systems that are energy-efficient, cost-effective, reliable, safe, environmentally sound, and easy to operate and maintain. While consulting clients, we draw upon our global expertise to help you achieve cutting-edge solutions while ensuring compliance with local regulations and standards. We help you build a streamlined process and add value through our imaginative thinking, excellent service, and resourceful applications.

Our Design Consultancy services comprise of the following:

  • Technical advice on the design, layout, and regulations
  • Construction supervision and surveying the system design
  • Collaborating with the project team members to improve communication and ensure code compliance
  • Reducing unnecessary downtime and redundancies
  • Optimizing designs to maximize efficiencies
  • Identifying system design deficiencies in existing structures
  • Proposing ways to improve the overall design and layout
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