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Design Management

Our experience in the field of M.E.P design services enables us to believe that project success is achieved through Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) and a collaborative design approach. At Manisha Electricals & Engineers Pvt. Ltd. (MEEPL), we recognize that the management and co-ordination for the design of major multi-disciplinary projects presents a number of significant challenges. Therefore, our design management services are tailored-made specifically to meet these challenges so as to enable timely delivery as per the set design layout whilst adhering to quality standards. Our endeavor is to deliver an effective and unique M.E.P design solution that is in sync with our clients’ requirements and end objectives.

Our team at MEEPL consists of highly trained and experienced design managers that possess excellent communication skills, a solid understanding of appropriate methodologies, a listening ear for the needs of all stakeholders, as well as strong management skills. Our design managers work towards facilitating the engineers and workforce to work towards a common objective by implementing systems and set-guidelines in order to deliver coherent and satisfying results. Right from the inception of the project, our highly talented in-house design management team works closely with clients and industry partners to determine quality control, on-time delivery of all the deliverables, actively manage the approval processes, monitor progress, reduce design risk, and lastly promote greater system certainty.

It can be rightly said that our design management services are split into three categories namely:

Execution-oriented roles: Implementing M.E.P design via the arrangement of activities and project management.

Enabling-oriented roles: Enabling M.E.P designs through carefully coordinating and arranging demand and supply between stakeholders.

Direction-oriented roles: Directing M.E.P designs by building a bridge between stakeholders in decision-making and leadership in design-related activities.

At Manisha Electricals & Engineers Pvt. Ltd. (MEEPL), our design management services consist of the following:

  • Project setup and reviewing design documents for constructability
  • Project reporting and quality control
  • Management of communication and information flow
  • Management of co-ordination and collaboration amongst internal and external team members
  • Management of deliverables, materials, and quality
  • Project management and inspection
  • Management of approval processes
  • Full-time onsite representation and inspection
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